Grow your wings with Cygnet Aviation Academy LP, an industry-leading accredited training academy preparing pilots for direct entry into airlines.

Cygnet Aviation Academy LP is a professional flight training operation based in Kingston, Ontario. Cygnet’s mission is to provide safe, state-of-the-art flight training preparing First Officer ready candidates for Canadian airlines. Cygnet partners with CAE to deliver ab-initio flight training utilizing a fleet of Diamond Aircraft supported by advanced flight simulation training. Working with CAE and Canadian airlines provides Cygnet with direct input on industry best practices and evolving technology to ensure graduates are prepared for direct entry positions.


Diamond DA20

Diamond DA40

Diamond DA42




Free Agent Program

In partnership with CAE, our Free Agent Program is designed to provide cadets with their Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License without being attached to a specific airline training program.

Jazz Approach

A partnership between Cygnet, CAE and Jazz Aviation LP, Jazz Approach is designed for people with little or no flight experience. Applicants without any previous flight experience are encouraged to apply.

Cygnet Aviation Academy LP
685 Gardiners Road
Kingston, Ontario
Canada K7M 3Y4